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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Birmingham Doll Club October 11, 2015 Meeting

The October 11, 2015 meeting of the Birmingham Doll Club was hosted by Linda Noland.  Linda presented the Ginger doll by Cosmopolitan.  Ginger, a popular small plastic doll of the 1950's, was a rival to Vogue's Ginny.  Like Ginny, Ginger had many additional clothes and accessories that little girls could purchase for their dolls.  Linda shared her beautiful collection of Gingers and gave pointers on distinguishing Ginger from the many look-a-likes that were on the market at the same time. 

Cosmopolitan Ginger has a side seam running down the middle of her ear
Cosmopolitan Ginger has molded toes.  Note the Ginger doll stand!

Many of the Ginger look-a-likes had molded shoes on their feet instead of molded toes.

Ginger had a variety of eye sizes and styles.  The earliest Gingers had small to medium sized eyes with painted eyelashes.  

Later Gingers might have medium or large eyes (like this doll) with molded eyelashes.  Early dolls had hard plastic heads and bodies.  Later dolls had vinyl heads. 

Pretty harlequin costume

This Ginger is wearing a Girl Scouts uniform and Linda's own Girl Scouts pin!

Baby Ginger
Original Miss Ginger box
Miss Ginger and Linda's childhood Ginger doll.  Cosmopolitan made matching dress sets for Miss Ginger and Ginger. 

Ginger's trunk

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