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Monday, September 14, 2015

September 13, 2015 Meeting of the Birmingham Doll Club

The September meeting of the  Birmingham Doll Club was hosted by Barbara.  The theme of this meeting was "Summer Finds" and we had a special guest, Mary Beth Newbil, from the Birmingham Public Library.  Ms. Newbil updated us on Alabama's Japanese Friendship doll, Miss Iwate.  Miss Iwate is currently in Japan undergoing expert restoration.  Miss Iwate is expected to return to Alabama next spring and we will all be very excited to have her back.

Here are some of our summer finds to enjoy!
Jane Withers by Madame Alexander

Phillis Wheatly by Robert Raikes

Beautiful hand carved wooden doll

Flirty eyed celluloid baby

Dolls from the 2015 UFDC Convention and a Kathy Kruse Doll

Smiling Klumpe artisit

Dionne Quintuplets

Baps Simple Simon and the Pie man


Sweet little Effanbee

What a beautiful smile!

Tom Azuma reproduction (gorgeous doll!!)

UFDC 2015 Convention Doll


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