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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Friendship Doll Miss Iwate, 1 of 58 sent from Japan to U.S. in 1928 in Birmingham!!

Three members of the Birmingham Doll Club of Alabama -Sharon, Billye, and Jill - were privileged to meet with a curator at the Linn Henley Research Library last week to view Birmingham's gift from Japan in 1928 - one of 58 similar hand made dolls (about 36" tall) given to the children of the United States.  Many disappeared during WWII, and some were found later in bad condition.  Some were restored improperly.  This one, Miss Iwate, seems to be in wonderful condition.  The Birmingham Public Library plans to arrange for her permanent display in a climate-controlled case at some point in the future.

Photos of Birmingham, Al's Friendship Doll from Japan (1928)

Here are the feet and lower half of the Birmingham Friendship Doll

Here is Billye photographing Miss Iwate in her trunk.

Here is the top of the trunk that Miss Iwate was sent to Birmingham in.

Miss Iwate was accompanied by many objects - furniture, tea sets, parasol, etc.  Check out this website to see the many objects accompanying the doll, including furniture, tea set, her own dolls, etc.

To read more about the history of the 58 Friendship Dolls sent to the children of the U.S. in 1928 from Japan, click on the following site:

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

FG French Fashion Doll (Francois Gaultier)

This 18" Francois Gaultier French Fashion (marked F G in block letters) from the 1880's wears a fancy taffeta walking suit, and her own ermine stole with ermine muff and gloves.   FG's are the most common French Fashion, but she is unusual in that she is glazed porcelain rather than bisque (unglazed).  She has pierced ears, but the glaze filled them up, so I just pinned the earrings to her wig.  Double click on photos to enlarge.  Enjoy!

Controversial Talking Baby Doll Removed from Shelves at Target

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Tinted Bisque Reproduction Doll by Martha Hopkins

I made this doll and others similar to this during the 1970's.  They are signed on the back with M H and the date.  This curly top is wearing a polished cotton and lace dress trimmed with ribbons and tucks.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Friendship Dolls, French Bed Doll, Convention Workshop Doll

Convention Workshop Baby in round box, small doll and bear finds and doll clothes from convention

 Profile of Dorothy's French Bed Doll - lovely

Sharon discussing Friendship Doll Seminar at Convention.  She has found one of the 58 dolls given to the U.S. by Japan before WWII at the Birmingham Public Library!  We are excited, and will investigate.  Here are some interesting websites with information about the Friendship Dolls:

Stone bisque doll - love her feet - wearing crocheted dress found at UFDC Convention (made by lady from New Zealand)

Kathy Libraty, Doll Collector and Dealer

Here is an interesting article about Kathy Libraty. is her website for doll sales.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Summer Finds

Jill M.'s Sasha

Jill S.'s tiny china

  Sharon's Sherman Smith tuck comb doll (unusual to have a nose and elaborately painted hair style)               

 German Kersa cat, Just Me UFDC bisque Convention doll, tiny all bisque, and Japanese bisque

               Sharon's carved Hitty with dress knitted by 93-yr. old friend

September Meeting - Great Summer Doll Finds

Barbara with Kestner 154 and Md. Alexanders

Melanie Fay's Md. Alexander babies (both Butch?)

Dorothy's French bed doll all original and great cndition, with Chinese composition.

                                                  Debra's Simon Halbig

Jill S."s Japanese bisque with unusual cloth body