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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

ANNUAL DOLL SALE, Birmingham Doll Club of Alabama, May 5, 2012

 Photos from our 2011 Doll Sale

The Birmingham Doll Club of Alabama will hold its Annual Doll Sale on Saturday, May 5, from 8-2 at 1809 Mission Road, Vestavia Hills, AL 35216. We will have antique to new dolls, collectable to play dolls, plus doll-related items such as doll clothes, doll furniture, doll parts, doll accessories, etc. We will offer free doll appraisals. Doll collectors and enthusiasts, put this date on your calendar!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Shackman Dolls, our April Program (DOUBLE CLICK TO ENLARGE PHOTOS)

The B. Shackman Company has been a wholesale goods catalog and store that focused on cards, party supplies and favors, and holiday ware since 1898. The dolls distributed and labeled Shackman or B.S.C.O. are well done, sweet dolls that were imported from Japan,Hong Kong, and Germany, for the most part. They are sold in bulk so they are usually affordable. The dolls come in all mediums - bisque, cloth, wood, paper, and celluloid. This company afforded everyone the opportunity to have a sweet doll - and with the many reproductions of antique dolls, kept the special old dolls alive and well!For information on B. Shackman today, go to or check out ebay for Shackman dolls, toys, books, paper dolls, Christmas items, etc....

Shackman examples.

The book and doll were both sold by Shackman.

Beautiful Shackman paper dolls and photos of other items.

Great for Frozen Charlottes!

Wonderful Miniatures (fema, paper clay, wire, etc.) (DOUBLE CLICK TO ENLARGE)

Here are some of Charlene Reynold's exquisite miniatures of all sorts.  She uses fema (unfired clay that hardens), paper clay, wire, wood, etc. to construct her scenes, some of which are only a few inches tall - the whole scene, that is. 

This one is about 8" tall.

This one is about 4" tall in all.

Here are tiny repros of antique dolls on a l" scale piece of dollhouse furniture.

This one is about 10-12" tall.

This whole scene is about 3" tall.

A granny enjoying Christmas.  The scene is about 12" tall.

1"to 1' scale dollhouse, furnished.

Dollhouse kitchen detail.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Our Member Jill Sturgeon Writes Article for "Doll News" Magazine!

We are proud of Jill's article on carving Hitty dolls in the current issue of "Doll News" magazine.  Sharon Kirby hosted the carving class, taught by Janet Cordell.  Photos are by Martha Hopkins and Sharon.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Suzan and Chuck Buckner's Art Angels and Art Dolls

She is not technically a doll, but a hybrid of things I love - dolls, found objects, art, and angels (well, everybody needs those).  I bought her at Suzan's recent art exhibition at Kentuck Gallery in Northport, AL.

Click on the URL above to access more of their art dolls, art people, and art angels.