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Monday, April 16, 2012

Wonderful Miniatures (fema, paper clay, wire, etc.) (DOUBLE CLICK TO ENLARGE)

Here are some of Charlene Reynold's exquisite miniatures of all sorts.  She uses fema (unfired clay that hardens), paper clay, wire, wood, etc. to construct her scenes, some of which are only a few inches tall - the whole scene, that is. 

This one is about 8" tall.

This one is about 4" tall in all.

Here are tiny repros of antique dolls on a l" scale piece of dollhouse furniture.

This one is about 10-12" tall.

This whole scene is about 3" tall.

A granny enjoying Christmas.  The scene is about 12" tall.

1"to 1' scale dollhouse, furnished.

Dollhouse kitchen detail.


  1. That was incredible. My mother was a "miniature nut" and made some amazing teeny things in her day...she would have loved this so.