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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Alexander, a 1920's ll" Steiff ? Monkey

He belongs to JoAnn, who considers him a favorite of hers.  Can anyone positively identify him as Steiff?

Friday, February 22, 2013

Donate to Miss Iwate Fund at Birmingham Public Library

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This is the library's site that makes it easy to donate for the fund for our Friendship Doll Miss Iwate (see information on other posts) to have a display case for herself and all her accessories, and also to return her to Japan for some needed conservation.  She is an historical doll and piece of history that should not be forgotten in a box in a dark storage room.

Evening with Miss Iwate at Birmingham Public Library

Japanese doll expert from Montana Alan Pate visited Birmingham's own Friendship Doll Miss Iwate, and gave a very interesting and animated lecture about the complex story of Japan's gift of 58 Friendship Dolls to the children of the U.S. in 1927.  A Harvard graduate, he has done extensive research regarding this important piece of history, and is about to publish a book on the subject.  Our Birmingham Doll Club helped sponsor Mr. Pate's lecture, and brought some Japanese dolls of our own for him to see and appraise.

The following 3 photos are some of members' dolls that Mr. Pate explained and discussed with us.

Double left click to enlarge photos.

Below  Mr. Alan Pate is talking with Birmingham Doll Club members about their own Japanese dolls.

Photos below are of Mr. Ben Peterson of the Birmingham Public Library setting up Miss Iwate and all her accessories.

Click on URL below for more interesting information about Miss Iwate and about how to donate to her conservation and display fund.
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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Information about Miss Iwate, Birmingham's own Japanese Friendship Doll

Please come to the reception and lecture on Japanese Friendship Dolls by expert Alan Pate.
Birmingham (AL) Public Library, February 21 at 6:00 p.m.
(See flyer in post below with picture of Miss Iwate)

Here's a blog entry I did about Miss Iwate and the program next week. 
Please use this to promote the event.  Thanks, Ben.

Benjamin E. Petersen
Department Head
Southern History Department
Birmingham Public Library
2100 Park Place
Birmingham, AL 35203


Monday, February 11, 2013

Effanbee Patsy Doll Program for February

Effanbee Patsy dolls are the second most popular doll of the composition era (after Shirley Temple who came a little later).  Also she was one of the first dolls with her own commercial wardrobe; there were many patterns for her clothes, also, and one can still find "mama-made" items for Patsys.  The size range of Patsy dolls is from Wee Patsy at 5 3/4" to the Patsy Mae mama doll at 30".  Benard Lipfert, who came to the U.S. from Germany, designed Patsy, as well as many other popular dolls of the era, such as Shirley Temple and Betsy McCall.  His family in Germany was from a 5th generation toy-making tradition.  Patsy (14")  in all composition first appeared in 1929, but was marked as "Mimi" in 1928.  It is thought that the change was made because of the popularity of Patricia, the daughter of the famed aviator Mr. Fitzmaurice.  Patsy dolls came with painted eyes, sleep eyes, wigged or with molded hair.  The various Patsy dolls chronologically are:
Patsy 14", Patsy Ann 19", Patsy Lou 22", Patsy, Jr. 11.5", Patsy Joan 16", Patsyette 9", Patsy Baby 10", Patsy Babyette 9", Patsy Baby Tinyette (bent legs) 7", Patsy Baby Tinyette Toddler (straight legs) 7 3/4", Patsy Mae 24", Patsy Ruth 26", and Wee Patsy 5 3/4"


Friday, February 8, 2013

An Evening with Alan Pate, Feb. 21, 6:00 p.lm., Birmingham Public Library

Mr. Pate, an expert on Japanese artifacts,  will give a talk on the Japanese Friendship Dolls, which were gifted to the children of the United States in 1927.  The Birmingham Public Library owns one of these precious dolls, and intends to build a special showcase for her and all her accessories.