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Monday, February 11, 2013

Effanbee Patsy Doll Program for February

Effanbee Patsy dolls are the second most popular doll of the composition era (after Shirley Temple who came a little later).  Also she was one of the first dolls with her own commercial wardrobe; there were many patterns for her clothes, also, and one can still find "mama-made" items for Patsys.  The size range of Patsy dolls is from Wee Patsy at 5 3/4" to the Patsy Mae mama doll at 30".  Benard Lipfert, who came to the U.S. from Germany, designed Patsy, as well as many other popular dolls of the era, such as Shirley Temple and Betsy McCall.  His family in Germany was from a 5th generation toy-making tradition.  Patsy (14")  in all composition first appeared in 1929, but was marked as "Mimi" in 1928.  It is thought that the change was made because of the popularity of Patricia, the daughter of the famed aviator Mr. Fitzmaurice.  Patsy dolls came with painted eyes, sleep eyes, wigged or with molded hair.  The various Patsy dolls chronologically are:
Patsy 14", Patsy Ann 19", Patsy Lou 22", Patsy, Jr. 11.5", Patsy Joan 16", Patsyette 9", Patsy Baby 10", Patsy Babyette 9", Patsy Baby Tinyette (bent legs) 7", Patsy Baby Tinyette Toddler (straight legs) 7 3/4", Patsy Mae 24", Patsy Ruth 26", and Wee Patsy 5 3/4"


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  1. Hello everyone - I'm from Calgary, Canada and I just joined your doll blog site. We have nothing like this anywhere near where I live in Canada and when I saw all your wonderful doll photos, it just warmed my heart! I'm a very avid doll collector especially of vintage composition and hard plastic dolls. My favorite dolls are made by Effanbee, American Character, Arranbee and Ideal. Finding your site is such a blessing to me because none of my friends understand my hobby and only other collectors can relate! I will certainly be joining in your blogs as much as I can. God Bless - Eva