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Sunday, March 12, 2017

2017 Annual Birmingham Doll Club Sale! March 18, 2017

The Vestavia Hills 2017 Annual Birmingham Doll Club Sale is being held on March 18, 2017.  
Time: 9 am to 2 pm
Place: 1809 Mission Road  Vestavia Hills, Alabama
We will have antique to modern dolls, collectible-play dolls, doll magazines, doll related items.  Some proceeds to benefit charities.  Bring your dolls for free identification and values!
See you there 😊😊

February, 2017 Meeting of the Birmingham Doll Club

The February, 2017 meeting of the Birmingham Doll Club was hosted by Janet S., who gave a program on Dolly Darling Dolls by HASBRO.  These 4 1/2" dolls were produced from 1965 to 1968.  The original six dolls and their accessories were packaged in "hat boxes"and had molded hair. 
Beth at the Supermarket       

John and his Pets

Susie goes to School

Cathy Party

Karen Slumber Party

Sharon Takes a Vacation
Later dolls had real hair and less elaborate packaging.

Competitor doll makers came out with their own hat box dolls.

Hasbro made many other types of toys in the 1960's and is still one of the most popular toy makers today!

Dolly Sewing Kit

The Bridal Trouseau Sewing Kit

Monday, January 2, 2017

December, 2016 Meeting of the Birmongham Doll Club

Our December, 2016 meeting of the Birmingham Doll Cub included our annual Christmas celebration with our secret Santa gifts! Beverly and Debra hosting the meeting and had wonderful refreshments.  Secret Santa was good to all of us!!

We were greeted by Santa and the children!

Everyone received a beautiful baby from Debra

Beverly received a plaid bear

Lucky Beverly also received this little girl!

Barbara received this lovely young lady

Jill S. and her secret Santa gift

Billye received this tiny doll and trunk as well as the Tiny Town doll below

Tiny Town artist

Sharon received this handsome Japanese doll

Debra received this hand carved Shirley from Sharon

Ann received three dolls

Gorgeous ear rings for one of Dorothy's luck dolls
Jill M. was thrilled with her sewing mannequin doll!

November, 2016 Meeting of the Birmingham Doll club

The November, 2016 meeting of the Birmingham Doll Club was hosted by Dorothy.  The meeting included a workshop to make felted angels.  Dorothy always makes crafting look so easy!  First we took a hunk of wool and worked it into a tight round ball with a special barbed needle. 

The ball became the head and was further felted onto a wire frame to make arms and a torso. 

Additional wool was added to create a felted skirt over a styrofoam cone

Lastly the hair and embellishments were added to make the angel beautiful!

Finished angels
Dorothy made these two Christmas angels
A felted Santa

October, 2016 Meeting of the Birmingham Doll Club

The October, 2016 meeting of the Birmingham Doll Cub was hosted by Billye and included a workshop for making small doll bonnets from a few simple materials and tools!  We used lace, ribbon, tape measure, and a pair of sissors. 

Everyone was hard at work!


This sweet little 8" china doll models the finished bonnet.