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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

FG French Fashion Doll (Francois Gaultier)

This 18" Francois Gaultier French Fashion (marked F G in block letters) from the 1880's wears a fancy taffeta walking suit, and her own ermine stole with ermine muff and gloves.   FG's are the most common French Fashion, but she is unusual in that she is glazed porcelain rather than bisque (unglazed).  She has pierced ears, but the glaze filled them up, so I just pinned the earrings to her wig.  Double click on photos to enlarge.  Enjoy!


  1. Dear Martha,
    I have an identical doll to your Gaultier in glazed porcelain. Everyone (supposed doll experts) keep telling me she is a repro from the 1960's - although I disagree. What do you think. Where can I find information to prove me and you right?

  2. This doll is a circa 1960s-1960s reproduction