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Sunday, September 11, 2016

Birmingham Doll Club September, 2016 Meeting-Summer Finds

The September, 2016 meeting of the Birmingham Doll Club was held on Sunday 9/11/16.  Barbara was the hostess and the theme was "Summer finds".  After a productive business meeting and delicious refreshments,  members showed off their new (or new-old) dolls. 

An early Martha Chase doll

A good doll keeps her bonnet on.

A sweet German baby doll.

Gladdie was purchased last month at the Twickenham doll show in Huntsville, Alabama.

This cute carved wooden doll won a prize in 1954

This doll was purchased with the other wooden doll.  Both dolls are jointed at the neck, shoulders, elbows, hips, and knees.

Close up of the second doll's face.

A modern Tonner doll with beautiful eyes!

Madam Alexander Sonja Henie doll

A Deb Canham bear

A small celluloid doll. 

The label on the bottom of this birthday girl says" Libby Conway Dolls". 

This handwritten paper tag is attached to the Libby Conway doll's back.

A sweet all bisque baby

This doll and her crocheted clothes are adorable!!

A small all bisque girl doll

A walking Schoenhut!
This hinge attaching the doll's thigh to the torso allowed the doll to walk with help from her mother. 

A Wendy Lawton wooden doll

Small peg wooden doll

A sweet smile

This all original girl is made of painted metal and has sleep eyes. 

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