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Sunday, March 27, 2016

February 2016 Meeting of the Brimingham Doll Club-"My Merry"

The February 2016 meeting of the Birmingham Doll Club was hosted by Janet Snyder.  Janet gave a great presentation on "My Merry Dolly" play sets and doll accessories.  My Merry sets were produced primarily during the 1950's and 1960's by the Merry Manufacturing Co. of Cincinnati, Ohio.  These unique sets contained actual brand name products of the day and were designed as accessories for doll and doll house play.  The packages represented name brand products that helped support a specific theme (kitchen, laundry, party, etc.).  The packages represented the actual items as close as possible and the contents were real.  A small bottle of Windex contained liquid glass cleaner.  A box of Ivory Snow contained laundry soap.  A box of Brillo pads contained small steel wool pads.  The My Merry sets are very collectible today and are popular not only with doll collectors, but also with miniature collects.  Today it is difficult to find these sets in good condition, the card board and plastic deteriorated and the small items were easily lost.  Lucky for us Janet had some My Merry sets that were for sale so many of us were able to go home with My Merry sets of our own!!

There was a wide variety of My Merry sets produced between 1950 through the 1970s. 

This is one of the earliest sets made in the 1950's.  The early sets had all cardboard packaging.

The My Merry sets represented themes of items used in everyday life. 

The closet series were produced in the 1950's.  Packaging in the 1950's included cardboard boxes, but had the items placed in plastic trays with a clear window. 

My Merry sets were packaged in "blister carded" sets and included plastic pieces laid in a cardboard header card covered with a clear plastic bubble.  The sets no longer included name brand items. 

The miniature items were as close as possible to the real item they represented.  The box of Brillo pads contained small steel wool pads and the box of Playtex gloves contained small rubber gloves.  Note the Better Homes and Gardens cook book- just like my mother had!!

"Play things" were introduced from 1960 to 1966.  These sets were patterned after real rooms or house hold areas such as this party room set. 

How many of these name brand items do you remember? 

"Just like mommy's!!!"

During the 1960's and 1970's the My Merry sets also included paper dolls, greeting cards, and purse dolls such as the sweet little doll seen above in her original carrying case. 
Janet recommended this reference book by Fred Diehl. 

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