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Monday, April 14, 2014


Solid dome baby dolls appeared about 1909 and became very popular in the 1920's.  Usually head circumference is used for sizing instead of height, because of the variance of body shapes in cloth or 5-piece bent limb composition bodies.  Some have spray painted hair and some have brush stroked hair.Some have open mouths, and some closed.  The open/closed mouth is a molded open mouth.  Sometimes there are molded teeth, and some have celluloid teeth.  Open mouths usually have a felt tongue.  Some tongues are "wobbly."  Some have glass sleep eyes and some have intaglio eyes (molded and painted).  Rarely a baby will have pierced nostrils.

The Bye-Lo Baby designed by Grace Story Putnam with a 3-day-old baby for a model, was very popular.  They are marked "Grace S. Putnam" and made by Kestner in Germany.  They have a cloth frog body with flange neck.  At lower left is a composition head.  Early ones had a socket head and composition body.

Here are examples of "Baby" by K Star R.  They are marked K Star R 36.  He is known as the Kaiser Baby because his bent arm looked like the Kaiser's "withered" arm.

Here are an A.M. RockaBye (back left) marked 351 and a mystery baby marked 3/11.  In front is a Heubach marked "1."

Here are A.M. Dream Babies marked 341.  They have straight-legged cloth bodies.

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