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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

October Halloween Meeting - UFDC Convention Dolls

I became interested in UFDC Convention dolls a few years ago after attending the convention in Atlanta. I came home and started looking through the dolls collected at convention by myself and my mother. I thought it might be interesting to specialize in collecting these dolls, so I contacted  the United Federation of Dolls and asked for a list. I have been searching websites that sell dolls ever since. I’m still missing over a dozen as the convention has been giving souvenirs (mostly dolls) since 1950. In fact, I am in the process of acquiring the UFDC plate given at the first convention. I love the dolls, and I have to admit that the “hunt” is often exciting.            Billye

 First arrivals at the Halloween meeting (Billye made her grandaughter's dress!)

 Convention dolls on the piano

 Lisette, a candy container by John Wright, was a favorite.

 We were fascinated by Billye's collection of UFDC Convention dolls throughout their history.

 Yes, we did have some fun with dressup (cats, witches, Old Mother Hubbard, and Groucho Marx came.

 Another photo with the spotted Bengal cat on the right, who actually led the meeting.

 Some of the "Ugly Dolls" brought for show and tell (on R a cartoon character from Archie Comics).

 More "Ugly Dolls" for the Halloween theme (Horsman crying baby puppet).

 On the right a repainted Chase Baby with haunting eyes.

Another favorite Convention doll - Baby Stuart (such a sweet face).

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