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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Photos of Shirley Temple Dolls at June Meeting (Click on photo to enlarge)

 Here is Michelle with her wonderful group of Shirley Temples from the 1930's to the 1970's. On the shelf in the back is a Shirley in a very rare Blue Bird dress (from the movie).

Left to right Deanna Durbin Doll from Ideal Toy Company; Sonja Henning Doll from Madame Alexander (also famous actresses in the 1930's); middle taller doll is a Shirley Temple look alike-Miss Charming; Shirley Temple on the far right is from the 1950's

On the left is a vinyl Shirley Temple from the 1970's; in the middle is a composition Shirley Temple Doll in the red and white "Stand Up and Cheer" dress; the Shirley Temple in the pink dress is from the 1930's in the dress "Baby Take A Bow"; Shirley Temple in the peach outfit is a look alike similar to the dolls made from Blossom Doll Company; sailor Shirley Temple is from the 1930's and the brown complexion doll is made with the Shirley Temple mold-"The Marama Doll."  

These are dolls brought by members.  The middle one is Baby Shirley.

Shirley with trunk and wardrobe.

Composition Shirley in very good condition


  1. Hi!I own a 12"1950 Ideal Shirley Temple vinyl doll.It was given to me in a red and brass wardrobe trunk with vintage travel stickers on it.I was wondering about the clothes that I received inside the trunk and the accessories.Especially the tiny fur wraps and fur trimmed coats and hats.Ialso have shoes and socks and hose!A particular dress is velvet with cocktail jewelry sewn on the dress.I am having a hard time coming up with any of these furs&dresses in my research.So far,I've mainly seen clothes from her movies and not many of these dress up clothes.If anyone has any info.that could help me in my research,I'd be so greatful!Thank you!

  2. lovely shirley temple doll exhibit! i have one in a stand up and cheer dress too! :)

  3. Hi, your dolls are beautiful! I have quite a few my self! Now that my remodeling is done, can't wait for my shelves to go back up to display them again!