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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Nippon Dolls - Jill's January Program

Nippon is synonymous with the word Japan. From 1891-1921 all exports from Japan had to have Nippon on them. Thus, dolls and toys from the Nippon era are easy to date. Nippon era all bisque dolls are still afforable and fairly collectable. Nippon era all bisque dolls are generally 3-7" tall, are jointed at the arms and hips, and came in hundreds of different styles. Baby Bud, Kewpie, and the Happifats were copied from the German dolls, especially during WWI when imports from Germany were frowned upon. Some Nippon dolls are beautifully painted while others are very average. The Nippon era dolls are an interesting part of history.

 The 1st 3 photos are all sweet Nippons.  In the 3rd photo, the second from the left won a 1st Place at the recent UFDC Convention in New Orleans.  She wears her original crepe paper costume. The 4th photo is of a Morimura Bros. (Japanese company) copy of the German Hilda, along with some Made in Japan dolls.  The one on the right has her original crepe paper and tinsel dress.  The 5th photo shows 2 Morimura boy dolls and some small Made in Japan dolls (after 1921).  The last photo is of Nippons; the one on the left has a blue bow painted on either side of her head, and the one on the right has a blue ribbon around her head (or perhaps her head was smoothed to look like a cap). She wears the remains of a ribbon costume.

Remember to double left click on photos to enlarge.

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