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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Old Doll Quilt (1903) from Penalosa, Kansas

Here is a very old (1903) doll quilt, 18" x 14".  It is a crazy quilt with embroidered letters "Penalosa, Kansas" and numbers "4" and "03".  Also something that looks like "8," which could be the age of the maker.  Her initials could be "E" and "W," which are also on the quilt.  I emailed the city officials (population about 20) to see if they know who made the quilt.

If anyone else has an old doll quilt for the blog, please send pics to me at

BTW, this old cradle is probably about 1880, and the twin Armand Marseille dolls, 8" long, are probably from about 1910..  

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