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Monday, November 14, 2011


Jill with pretty Walkure (made by Kestner) wearing a new mob cap made from a doily lined with contrasting color.  Round elastic was run through zig zag stitches after lining (cut smaller to leave a lacey border) was attached.  She wears an old flower that came with her.

Ann with Annalee Mouse wearing a new red Christmas hat with holly and spaces for the ears.

Sharon holding her wooden Hitty and eyelet Normandy bonnet (pattern given in post below), and Beverly holding her almost finished mob cap, which she will probably decorate with ribbons or flowers.

Here is Janet's Normandy bonnet from eyelet under construction.

Janet with her doll's new almost finished Normandy bonnet.  She needs ribbon ties, pleating in back to fit her head, and perhaps some sort of decoration.

DEP dolly wears a newly constructed Normandy bonnet of taffeta with lacey overlay, silk ribbons, and a round thread lace pouf.  I think she is pleased with her new chapeau.

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