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Tuesday, August 23, 2011


I have some exciting news!! I've been asked to be a special guest doll artist at a doll show and sale in Georgia! It is October 15 and is sponsored by The Peachtree Doll Collectors to benefit the Campus of Georgia Baptist Children's Home. I am hoping to have some Hittys to sell at the show so I'm going to be doing a lot of carving, sanding, and painting between now and then.

Also, I have carved a Hitty out of wood from a catawba/catalpa tree that was blown down during the tornadoes in Pleasant Grove, Alabama. I'm going to put her on ebay with the proceeds to go to First Baptist Church Pleasant Grove to assist in repairing the church and/or go to their fund to help people affected by the tornadoes. This is the church where I carve on Mondays. One of the guys I carve with, Condie Lowry, is going to make some Hitty furniture for the auction too, and some of it will be made out of fallen wood. When we get it all finished, I'll post the link to the auction in case anyone wants to check her out :). Here's her picture (she's the doll with lots of grain) and pictures of other dolls I've carved in the last few months including two Hittys with oil paint (long hair Hitty painted by the wonderful and talented Hanna Hyland and me), and my version of a wooden papier mache type doll. The wooden papier mache is wearing the dress from the pattern in Doll News, and the long hair Hitty is wearing a dress made by Patricia Brooks.



  1. awesome all around, Sharon!! Good job! - Jill

  2. Beautiful Hitty dolls! Some of the nicest I've ever seen. I hope your auctions raise a lot of money for the organizations. :o)

  3. Always said that you carve the best Hitty's!!
    Janet Hester.

  4. Some day I am going to buy one of yours, Sharon - they are lovely! Jill