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Thursday, January 27, 2011

HOW TO MAKE THE BODY OF A CHINA DOLL (Double click to enlarge)

Here are instructions I used for many years to make bodies for the reproduction china dolls I used to make.  Pardon the stains.   It may seem difficult, but is readily understandable when you get into it. Many old chinas have deteriorating bodies that can't be saved, and it is acceptable to make a new body for them. I am about to make a body for an old bald china; I patched and patched her sawdust-filled body, and even considered covering it with a soft jersey material, but she was falling apart; therefore she will get a new body. I like to use cotton for stuffing, as the weight is right.
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  1. Thank you so much for posting these instructions! Do you have any suggestions for attaching a body to an antique china head that has no shoulder plate? It has been broken off, and I don't have the time or supplies to rebuild a shoulder plate for her. What I would love to do is make her into a Christmas tree angel with a high-neck dress. I just can't come up with a good way to attach her head to a torso securely.
    Any suggestions would be much appreciated! Thanks!

  2. Sorry about answering so late! You probably need to build up a flange with epoxy putty (from hardware store to repair pipes, etc.) It doesn't have to be pretty because it won't show. Place the head with flange into the neck hole, and using a hem and gathering stitch on the neck area, draw it up to fit, tie a knot, then use elmer's glue to insure that it stays. Hope that helps.