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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Madame Alexander Dolls

Martha Ann, before any of your club members think I speak with a lisp, whistle show tunes, like Liberace and prance around at gay pride parades, let me settle on the basis for my question: my daughter told me that Madame Alexander dolls are very valuable collectibles — and that some are worth thousands. First, is this true? And, second, do you or any of your members think there is an investment value in acquiring one or more. You know, like valuable old coins, paintings, etc.


  1. It probably depends on which Alexanders you are talking about - the old cloth Madame Alexanders from the 1930's and the composition dolls from the 30's-40's are certainly collectible.
    I imagine that you are talking about the 8" plastic dolls in the blue boxes? They are lovely - the Madame Alexander doll company even today does an exquisite job with costuming and detail. That being said, they make and are making a bunch of those dolls, so I am not sure if they are a great financial investment. My twelve year old has 8-10 of them and plays with them - they are a great investment to me because she is enjoying them - you can find them really reasonably priced on ebay or at Tuesday Morning - does that help, David?

  2. Jill, thanks. I guess I was expecting antique dolls costing several hundred dollars — plus — each. With your guidance, I was able to price them and I would need too many to make them an investment buy. They look well-made and attractive and I'm sure you and your 12 year old enjoy your collection. Thanks again for your help.