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Sunday, December 15, 2024

Why Join a Doll Club?

There are many rewarding reasons to join a doll club.

1. Share. You can share your doll collection with other interested people and "talk dolls" with those who understand your passion and enthusiasm.
2. Make friends. Doll collectors make friends easily because they share a common interest that needs to be discussed.
3. See more dolls. A doll collector cannot own all the dolls that interest him/her so there is great enjoyment when friends get together and share their collections.
4. Learn. We all want to learn more about our dolls. A club is where we can find information about their dolls through programs, speakers, and sharing resources.

Do you know someone who would like to become a member of our Birmingham, Al club? Email


  1. I'd be really interested to know if there are active, antique or primitive "black" (afro-american) doll collectors and/or collections. I think older dolls from the era when black folks had limited access to porcelain or certain composite materials from which dolls are created would be interesting. Although there is a wonderful display of dolls — and bears — here, I see only a limited selection of black dolls presented.

  2. I've seen many collections of primitive cloth black dolls. Black or brown porcelain dolls command the highest prices, for they were rare.

  3. Our doll members do have black dolls- I collect cloth black dolls that are very simple, primitive types - I will try to take some pictures of those dolls for you, David- the pictures on this site so far are only a very small representation of collectors' dolls.

  4. Just happened upon this blog and have really enjoyed looking through the photos. I have added this to my blog list and am "following" now. I also live in Alabama, but alas, too far to travel to join the club. I look forward to visiting here often.

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  7. I am a reborn doll artist. Are there any other reborn artist in the club?