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Monday, April 16, 2012

Shackman Dolls, our April Program (DOUBLE CLICK TO ENLARGE PHOTOS)

The B. Shackman Company has been a wholesale goods catalog and store that focused on cards, party supplies and favors, and holiday ware since 1898. The dolls distributed and labeled Shackman or B.S.C.O. are well done, sweet dolls that were imported from Japan,Hong Kong, and Germany, for the most part. They are sold in bulk so they are usually affordable. The dolls come in all mediums - bisque, cloth, wood, paper, and celluloid. This company afforded everyone the opportunity to have a sweet doll - and with the many reproductions of antique dolls, kept the special old dolls alive and well!For information on B. Shackman today, go to or check out ebay for Shackman dolls, toys, books, paper dolls, Christmas items, etc....

Shackman examples.

The book and doll were both sold by Shackman.

Beautiful Shackman paper dolls and photos of other items.

Great for Frozen Charlottes!

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  1. I have a lovely Shackman, Baby Doll 1959 or Pre-1959 that is in PERFECT condition. The box he is in is also in PRFECT condition and States "Patent Pending," so I'm not really sure how old it is. I would love to find out how much it is worth. Thank you!